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Wow I really don’t want to be awake right now. So. Why. Am. I.?!???!?

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Sext: just picked you up some of those nice pens you like.

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untitled by ZÜRICHE on Flickr.

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If only you could you see mine
Running out dry
Some of these feelings never died
I step onto your side
You never did see mine
Tell me are you sleeping still tonight
It’s alright now, I don’t wanna wait
It’s alright now, I don’t wanna wait


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Bottle Rocket (1996)

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Next year I will not be the self of this year now. And that is why I laugh at the transient, the ephemeral; laugh, while clutching, holding, tenderly, like a fool his toy, cracked glass, water through fingers. For all the writing, for all the invention of engines to express & convey & capture life, it is the living of it that is the gimmick. It goes by, and whatever dream you use to dope up the pains and hurts, it goes. Delude yourself about printed islands of permanence. You’ve only got so long to live. You’re getting your dream. Things are working, blind forces, no personal spiritual beneficent ones except your own intelligence and the good will of a few other fools and fellow humans. So hit it while it’s hot.

Sylvia Plath, from The Unabridged Journals Of Sylvia Plath (via violentwavesofemotion)

(via lips----and----teeth)

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